Chrystal Dawn in Thailand at the Ban Santisuik Orphanage, photo by Stefan Hunt

Chrystal Dawn in Thailand at the Ban Santisuik Orphanage, photo by Stefan Hunt

Be the Change...

Peace love & Community

The most valuable thing we can ever give is our time brave souls. With this in mind I do my best to give back with my time and energy on a face to face basis when ever possible. When this is not possible I use my online social networks to help share projects, products, and personal stories that help to raise awareness, as well as give practical options for those wanting to be a net positive. I am constantly learning about new things and ways to help others and by no means have it all figured out :)  With a degree in Creative Media,  certificates in Marine Studies and Permacluture Design, I often offer my help in these areas.

As well as sharing what I know, I support companies making a difference such as TOMS, and Patagonia. I choose to stay in Eco-conscious or locally owned and operated places when traveling, and buy local whenever possible. I work with organizations being the change on a local level, my Soft Adventures support local charities on every occasion.

On the Human side of community, Women's health and well-being are close to my heart.  Supporting movements that raise awareness about violence against women and girls is very important to me. In 2014-2015 I performed in the on stage production of the Vagina Monologues, which I also co-directed in 2014 along with Eco-feminist writer Lauren Lindsey Hill,  for V-Day Byron Bay.

Charities and Causes that I support::

Living Ocean Australia

Bann Santisuk Orphanage

Surfers for Cetaceans

Sirens for the Sea

Take 3 For the Sea

Sea Shepherd

One Wave Is All it Takes

Clean Coast Collective

To contact me regarding your movement, charity, or grass roots project please fill in the from below. Mahalo.

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