Being raised in Hawaii, the Pacific island's all have a special place in my heart. It had always been a dream for me to travel to Tahiti, and experience what the islands of the south Pacific were like. Joel Fitzgerald and I had an amazing opportunity to explore this majestic island nation during the filming of "Spirit of Akasha"  the Morning of the Earth revisited, project by Andrew Kidman. We went over a few weeks early to connect with the place and were taken in by the most hospitable Tahitian family. Cathy Ho her husband Ralph, and their children made us feel like family, and looked after us so very well, real island style aloha. 

Joel and I were fortunate enough to spend our days playing in the sea, eating fresh fruits from the trees, exploring outer reefs and having the time of our lives together. This little video is a taste of our Tahitian adventure, I hope you enjoy it :)

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