The islands of Indonesia continue to be a place of refuge for surfers around the world. As well as having our wedding and honey moon here, Joel and I continue to return to these warm, friendly, wave blessed isles time and time again. There are some major challenges about doing so, and if you have been to Bali, you will know why. The inequality here is extreme and pollution is increasing daily. As the simple village life working the rice patties has transformed into a wage driven life working in less then favorable conditions, Bali and other parts of Indonesia are becoming overpopulated and industrialized at an alarming rate.

Still there are places to get away too, and lots of opportunity to lend a helping hand. I do recommend buying local, stay with families when ever possible, and keeping clear of the the westerns wastelands such as Kuta beach on Bali. These are a few photos of Joel and I on one of our recent trips to Indo, they were taken by the talented photographer Anthony Dodds for Deus Ex Machina.

Tips for Travel in Indonesia and my favorite places to stay in Bali are coming soon xx

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