5 Tips for camping with a baby

Caravaning with a baby

Getting out of the house is my go to whenever possible- I love being outdoors and my son does too, camping has brought us so much joy. The mundane tasks that take up all my time in a house are minimal. Small space if any to clean. Few dishes, more people around to connect with, fresh air, barefeet on the earth (if its warm enough), and just being in wild nature with baby instead of the doing that happens indoors. Camping in a tent or a caravan with a baby is a real adventure! We all love a change even our little ones. To help you fellow mama’s and papa’s get started here are 5 tips for camping with a baby for beginners.


1) Start Early, as you know its baby steps with a baby going anywhere. If this is your first time camping with bub plan and pack ahead. Give yourself a week for a weekend, and slightly longer for trips over a week- unless your rich and famous then ask your staff to prepare it all for you. For the rest write your list, then start a camping corner to pile up the gear throughout the week. Trust me you may still be sweating to get it all done when departure day comes around.

2) Arrive before dark when ever possible! This is a big one. Setting up in the dark with a baby is not fun, and could be seriously dangerous so yes get out the door early. If you do plan to arrive after dark bring an led lantern or two, headlights are not always kosher for other campers or wildlife.

3) Wear your Baby, as a single parent who camps my baby carrier is key! Gives me so much freedom, and bubba loves it too. I use the Ergo 360 allows bub the chance to be facing outwards, toward you or on your back for comfort and ease. My son often falls asleep in it when I’m setting up or making dinner etc well worth the investment and you can often find them second hand too.

4) Fake camp, yep, do all of the above then go to a spot close to home, I recommend an hour or less away, do a fake camp. Its a trial, not totally fake. Set up and see how you go, chances are if its your first time camping with your baby you may have forgot something kinda important (like the pump for the air mattress, nappies, or your favorite pjs). Who knows maybe your a natural camping pro and this is all to easy for you and bubba, if so sweet! Enjoy the great outdoors. My fake camp helped me so much, I came away with a list of things I needed and those that I didn’t which is something I continue to do.

5) Camp with other parents, share the load if you can. Its easier with more hands, and more fun. If your a single parent like me then camping with other mothers and families is also important for safety. I have started a facebook page for Mothers Who Roam with their kids on their own to connect, share tips, and plan trips together, if your on instagram you can follow @motherswhoroam and tag us in your adventures with your tribe.

I hope these tips help you and baby get out soon. Got some other tips or questions please do comment below or send me an email. Try something new and Stay wild brave souls!

*photo by @lifeintheslowlane of my son and I #RollingWithRoxy