Will and Bear hats for trees

Will and Bear with Tree

Born from adventure and the intention of building a forest Will and Bear was founded on the road by Loz and Alex.  Inspired by nature and vintage finds, these beautiful souls create quality unisex hats from 100% Australian wool that give back with each purchase. Handmade to headworn read on to find out who these two conscious hat makers are, what their plant a forest project is, where they are now, and how they manage running a business and living in their van, plus link to their 'Keep it Slow' campaign.


Will and Bear founders Alex and Loz


    Company: Will & Bear   
Founders: Loz & Alex

Instagram: @willandbear

Who are the heads behind Will & Bear?

Loz & Alex

We're a couple from Melbourne and currently live/work in our van traveling Australia. Three years back we had only just met but we knew we wanted to see the world together. We met at a pivotal junction in our lives. Longing to explore the unknown; we decided to turn down the unknown road together.

Will and Bear Loz on the road

What is the Plant a Forest Project? How did it start?

For Each Will & Bear Hat Sold Ten Trees are Planted. Forests are our air filters and water factories. They are our respite, our place of peace. They help keep the climate stable, support our waterways and offer their local communities prosperity.

Today continued deforestation threatens habitat, the air we breathe and livelihoods around the world. That's why we have partnered with trees.org to plant ten trees for every hat sold.  By purchasing a hat from us you are helping counter the effects of deforestation, as well as supporting families and communities out of poverty.

Will and Bear van naps

Where are you now?

Living and working from a van has it's ups and downs that's for sure! But we have realised that we are most inspired when on the road and that all our best decisions are made on the road - it’s when we have the most clarity and time to reflect. Fewer distractions, time to think and the company of people close to us.


Will and Bear with thier Van

What is it like being Vanlifer's with a growing business? What are some of the challenges and joys of being on the road?

Running a business while living in a van with your other half and business partner doesn't come without it's challenges. But we have a mantra between the two of us and it is to treat every challenge as a learning experiences. It's these challenges that we feel makes us better individuals, partners and business owners.

Will and Bear at wheel

Any tips for Vanlifers wanting to start or run a business?

Living in the van requires you to constantly thinking outside the box.

Where was your last adventure to?

We just got back from a month of working and travelling in Bali (trying to escape the Australian winter).  Bali gave us time to reflect on life in Australia and map out our next plans.

Will and Bear surfing Sunset

Where to next?

Byron Bay, we plan to come back in Sept-Oct for a short stint and then hopefully move up here early next year. We feel in love with the community and the lifestyle over our past few trips here and now want to call Byron home.

Will and Bear ontop of the van

*All photos by Will and Bear

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NEW NEWS: WILL AND BEAR have just launched thier 'Keep it Slow' campaign to upcycle hats now on Start Some Good your pledge will help them turn waste materials into new hats, check out how you can help now xx

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