NALU Magazine Japan

As a freelance storyteller I am super grateful for the opportunity to partner with other creative women on projects of the heart.  It was a true delight to collaborate with my dear and talented friend Hiromi Shibasaki from Blanco Living for the April 2017 Edition 104, of NALU Magazine.

The magazine includes three articles by Hiromi; one on Olivia Ellice Flint founder of the Grassy Bowl, another on the Byron Bay Surf Festival, and an interview with yours truly. In total 21 of my photos were included in the magazine. It was a delight working with Hiromi and made even more fun with the help of my husband Joel Fitzgerald. Several of his photos of me area also in the magazine, along with two other images by Melissa Connell, and Karson Lewis.

Photography has long been a passion of mine and it is joy to see some of my images printed inmy first ever Japanese publication. Hiromi is a talented writer and the two of us have already begun our successive collaborations on stories that will be printed in the coming months. Stay tuned :) and keep following your dreams brave souls xx

To purchase issue 104 of NALU Magazine click here.