Slow Fashion in a Vintage Caravan

In the spirit and celebration of Fashion Revolution,  'a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry', I bring to you an exclusive interview with ethical fashion designer Elisa Bozzolini. Elisa is the founder of slow fashion brand Sunvibes, which she started in her vintage caravan. Originally from Italy, Elisa is a fashion designer and veterinarian, sustainability creating unique feminine collections from Mallorca Spain, where we met.

Elisa and I connected on the Balearic Island though a mutual friend Pete Ceglinski co-founder of the Sea Bin Project in the boho district of Santa Catalina.   Within days of meeting we collaborated on a photo shoot for Elisa's Mermaid Dreamers range, for which I was the photographer. Her love for travel, vintage caravans, and sustainable style matched mine with enthusiasm and our adventures were full of creative imaginings. I am so excited to see Elisa following her passions and very grateful to share some of her story and latest project Drawing Your Own Map with you


SUNVIBES An Interview with Elisa Bozzolini

Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Instagram: @_sunvibes_

Photos and Video by: Al Aire Films

How and why did you found Sunvibes?

I founded SV in Mantua, Italy in 2012, where I was born and raised. Fashion design (and sewing!) has always been my passion, since when my great grand mother taught me how to sew. Then I studied fashion design in Barcelona and London, and returned to my hometown to set my own brand and mobile atelier on a vintage pink caravan. I recently moved to the island of Mallorca, in the Middle of the Mediterranean sea, where I brought Sunvibes solar powered atelier on wheels, and sustainable design has become a full time job.

What is Slow Fashion, and how did you get into it?


To me, slow fashion (from the designers side) is taking the time to enjoy the creation of each and every piece of clothing. It's like telling a new story, every time. Collecting inspiration, translating it into shapes and colors, choosing the right fabric and bring the ideas to life.
This takes time, and should not be rushed.

From the consumer side, I think that slow fashion means falling in love with what you are wearing, keeping it with you as long as possible, wearing it again and again in different and creative ways, because you simply feel your best self when you are wearing it.

I got into slow fashion naturally: when I founded my label, I started form the scratch, and had to learn everything. They say that when everything is new, anything is possible (this is one of my favorite quotes!). So I researched a lot: suppliers, possible ways to sale and promote my brand, collaborators, and I found that building my business around sustainable fashion principles, is what that really fits me, my values, and Sunvibes, the brand I created. This feels right to me, and even if it's not always easy to make it profitable, I think we are on a good path, beacuse people are becoming more and more aware and curious about how clothes are made, and I can proudly say that we can show you all the parts of the process, it's all real!


Please tell me about your latest project, Drawing Your Own Map? How did this come about? What are you influences?

The main inspiration behind Sunvibes designs are my travels. A roadtrip throught Australia East Coast, a month discovering the magic of Bali, a week in Marrakesh...this is when I feel more alive. So I thought: let's take a step forward, let's share this experience. Let's tell other people's amazing adventures through prints (and clothes). This is Drawing your own map was born! My influences are the people I meet, the travels I take, and, in general, the 70's era: I love the beautiful decadence and freedom that those years had. Haven't lived in the 70's but I feel like I belong there.

Why do you need the funds? How will they be used?

The funds will be used to build a new amazing interactive website, where customers will be able to share their inspiration and memories, and then choose design proposals, to have a completely custom made dress threat tells their unique story. A piece that will be timeless because it's just a piece of your story.

Where can people find your campaign?

On my Indiegogo campaign, click here to go to Drawing Your Own Map

*all photos of SUNVIBES are by Al Aire Films