Creative Seaside living an Interview with Nylon

Writer Diane Vadino from the fashion forward magazine Nylon came to Byron Bay a few weeks ago. Diane and I caught up on life in the bay, my creative passions, and what I love about living here. I was presently surprised to see actress, writer, and film producer, Lena Dunham gracing the cover of this issues mag. Excerpts and highlights form my interview with Diane, and some other creative Byron based women is now in the Surf + Turf section of the FEB 2017, issue of NYLON. Please Click Here to buy magazine. My full interview below.

Photo Karson Lewis
Organic Wool Hat: Conner Hats // Eco Limestone Wetsuit: Abysse
Shorts: Billabong Womens // Fair Trade Jewelry: Celeste Twikler
Hand crafted Fish: Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

photo by Karson Lewis

photo by Karson Lewis

Original Interview with writer Diane Vandio for Nylon Magazine::

NAME:: Chrystal Dawn
OCCUPATION:: Writer and Yoga Teacher

A: The sunny seaside village of Lennox Head, fifteen minutes south of Byron Bay in sacred Bundjalung Country. I live with my husband Joel, two chickens and a horse named Will. We are a short walk from the beach, parallel to a tea tree lake where I practice yoga most mornings.


Q: Favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Byron Bay:
A: Lunch at Doma café in the Byron hinterland then an arvo surf at Wategos beach.


Q: Favorite way to spend a Friday night in Byron Bay:
A: Gathering with friends for a sunset surf at the Pass, and heading to the Treehouse on Belongil for wood-fired pizzas and live music under the stars.


Q: What's something amazing about Byron Bay that most
people don't know?

A: This spring there was a Butterfly explosion and thousands of them danced on the soft sea breezes along the shore for a week. It was so beautiful to have butterfly’s landing on your skin and watch them flutter away to the flowers.


Q: When you travel for work, what do you think you "carry" with you from Byron Bay?
A: Living in Byron has helped me become even more flexible and creative in all aspects of my life, which is something that I carry with me everywhere.


Q: What's the best part of living so close to the ocean?
A: Saltwater submergence, playing and being in the ocean really make my heart sing, as well as helps me maintain a healthy life.


Q: What's your favorite site in Byron Bay - like literally your favorite thing to look at?
A: Wategos Beach. Descending into the bay from above is my favourite vista. The sloping curves of the headlands dropping to the sea, where white sand and black rocks meet green trees in the froth of the aqua shore, the furthest point of cape Byron revealed wild with crashing waves, and the still lighthouse perched above…absolutely amazing.


Q: If someone who's never been there visited, what would be the first thing you'd tell them to do there?
A: Go to the lighthouse atop Cape Byron. Get the lay of the land see Tallows beach stretching away down to Broken Head and Lennox to the south, and Wategos though main beach, and across to Mt Wollumbin to the North. Spectacular views, this is a really powerful place where you will feel the energy of the bay, also a super spot to check the surf from.

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