Sliding into the Light with Crystal Thornburg-Homcy


Crystal Thornburg-Homcy is filmmaker, organic farmer and an accomplished water woman with national and Olympic aquatic achievements. She lives on the North Shore of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands with her husband Dave Homcy (award winning cinematographer) and daughter Naia. Together they run an organic produce company called Crave Greens, travel the world surfing, making beautiful films and sharing joy. No stranger to rough seas Crystal rides the waves of life like a boss! For among the brilliance and apparent tranquility of her path, there have been shadows and tsunamis. Before her daughter Naia was born Crystal had a miscarriage that tested her in every way you can imagine.  "Sliding into the Light" her most recent film is about her journey.

"Sliding into the Light"  is a visually stunning, emotive and poetic film which tells a story about overcoming shame, self doubt and loss. The film is loaded with amazing imagery by Dave Homcy and a dreamy soundtrack by Simon Beins.  Crystal's films and life continue to inspire me to grow, surf more and be brave. It is a true honor to share her most recent film, as well as a bit more of her life changing story with you. Please do read on to find out what surfing means to Crystal, tips on how to deal with the big stuff and see Sliding into the Light for yourself.

Crystal Thornburg-Homcy

Photos by Dave Homcy


What does surfing mean to you?

Surfing means the world to me. It's my savior, my temple, my goddess, my guru, and my breath. Being in the ocean brings me a great release while at the same time giving me that recharge that's so needed.

And How did surfing most help you process having a Miscarriage?

Surfing has taught me the art of impermanence. With each passing wave or new swell you observe your experience and learn from it and it creates you in that moment but it's something that can't be held on too tightly or for too long. My miscarriage for me was like being held under by a few set waves. I went threw all the emotions from calm to afraid and all in between. Rushes of emotions. It seemed that surfing was one of the only things that could keep me focused on the present moment and not to dwell on the loss.

When did you decide you were ready to share your story with the world?

I really wasn't ready to share my story until after my daughter Naia was born. I was so nervous to even share my pregnancy with Naia until she was born. I'd only tell family and close friends or if someone saw me in person. I was not ready to share anything in social media either because I didn't have the heart or strength to go through it again. It wasn't until the "Byron Bay Surf Festival' announced their film festival aspect to the event when I thought it would be a great supporting community to share my story on film.

Wow that is so brave, what has life been like for you since releasing "Sliding into the Light"? and How Do you feel now?

It was a great release to share my story with the world. I could not believe how many men and women came out to share their own journey through miscarriage. So many people had been through this but it's such an interesting thing to talk about in our society. I was blown away by the support and love even though it had been years since my miscarriage and that felt like a really nice passage for the spirit. I feel supported and liberated.

Coming from this life changing experience, Do you have any words or wisdom or tips for women/couples whom have had a miscarriage, or anyone facing feelings of self doubt or shame?

From my experience the hardest and most frustrating part was the comments of "its normal" and "it's your body doing what it's meant to do". All of these comments didn't feel supporting they felt pretty shallow. I knew it was normal but why aren't more people talking about their experience making it a known thing. If it is so normal why don't people discuss it more often? Those comments at the time didn't take away the pain, and I know it was just said to try to make me feel better, but in actuality it made me realize there is a big gap in our culture and its connections to birth, miscarriage and women's reproductive health in general.

So true... many gaps, it is a blessing to know Women like yourself are beginning to fill them in. Are you working on any creative projects that you can share with us?

I do have a few film projects in the works! as of now just in the planning stages but I'm super excited to get the ball rolling again. It feels really great to share stories from around the world on the big screen. I'm always thinking of ideas to share and hoping that I have the time and resources to make them come to light.


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