5 Reasons to skate Byron Bay // Penny Skateboards

Location: Byron Bay and Ballina Shire
Photography: Celia Galpin and Joel Fitzgerald  // Clothes: Second Loves
Jewellery: Celeste Twikler  // Sunglasses/Backpack/Shoes: TOMS
Skateboard: Penny Skateboards

As a lover of the outdoors, sustainable and adventurous living I choose skateboarding as my mode of transport in Byron Bay, Australia. It's summer here in our coastal town with a population of 9,000, which attracts over 1.7 million visitors over the course of the year. This massive human influx combined with searing heats make summer traffic and parking maddening. Hence alternative modes of travel are vital for both health and sanity.  I recently took to the streets on a new Penny skateboard to bring you a fun little video of my adventures and my top five reasons why to Skate Byron Bay.


1) the vibes

Curious humans, live music, colorful threads, handmade treasures, designers, artisans, musicians, celebrities and street performers... in a town famous for its tribe or wild humans all making their way in a sweaty mess of cosmopolitan creativity there is no better method to experience this super sonic vibe they by hitting the streets no matter what time of day. An added bonus to skating is that you are always just one kick push away from moving on if what you see is not your thang' if you know what I mean?

My fav thang: Live music.
My fav muso, Mylee Grace and Ozzy Wrong look for them playing at the Great Northern or Beach Hotel.


2) meals

Be first in line at your favorite cafe, or if its your first time to the bay,  find out where your fav cafes are by rolling though town, it helps to have some kind of wheels since walking around in the heat can get a little tiring. Plus it's always a bit of fun swishing by traffic jammers on yourskatey heading straight for the sea, whilst everyone else is still jockeying for a park.

My fav cafe: Combi Cafe- local organic and super delicious, check out their amazing selection of raw treats
My fave meal: Pityaya bowl made from dragon fruit and flowers almost too pretty to eat

photo by Celia Galpin

photo by Celia Galpin


3) sweet serenity

Surf checks at the wreck, lighthouse sunsets, sweet aromas of the flora and fauna, encounters with wild birds and animals like koalas (very rare though I have personally seen them at the Cape Byron Reserve), street art, national parks... feeling the wind in your hair, calm your mind, soothe your soul.  Discover your self again with the freedom of skating, be an explorer take the foot paths, enjoy the sensations of this moving meditation to roll away stress.

My fav place to just be: wategos beach, hands down my favorite place to bliss out


3) more gold

Save your gold coins for dancing and dining when you skate Byron. With hourly parking starting at $4, and fines between $80-$260 per infrigment, the free ride you push under your feet will save you and your bank account.

My fav way to spend the savings: buying vintage threads from Second Loves

Photo by Joel Fitzgerald

Photo by Joel Fitzgerald

5) be the change

When you visit Byron Bay you will find that people here are passionate about preserving our natural environments. This is part of the culture and vibe, you may indeed feel the desire to be part of this creative earth loving collective. An awesome way to participate is by thinking about your carbon footprint,  how you can reduce, reuse and recycle. When we choose active forms of transport like skateboarding, which significantly reduce our carbon omissions we become a part of the change, keep fit, calm and have fun in the process.


If you are looking for fun alternative to get around check out Penny for some sweet skateboards, for those in the USA, check out Penny's colab board with I Ride I Recycle board made from 100% recycled plastic. So many ways to enjoy the great outdoors! There are heaps more reasons to skate Byron Bay, these are just a few, I would love to hear some of yours, please do comment below, and watch my little video :)

Chrystal Dawn xx

VIDEO CREDITS:: Music Mylee Grace // Video Celia Galpin & Joel Fitzgerald // Edit Chrystal Dawn // Skateboard Penny