The Chrystal Dawn

Its taken me a lifetime to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and its finally clear, I want to be me, Chrystal Dawn :) This past few years I have been exploring my creativity and finding my voice though social media, teaching yoga, and helping startups get started. I have operated under several names and ran multiple accounts to allow what makes my heart sing take shape.

Sharing, connecting and creating under my real name Chrystal Dawn feels right, so I am changing my insta handles and facebook page over from the Dawn Chronicles to my name. Turns out I am not the only Chrystal Dawn in the world, which means I needed a prefix, numbers or underscores to use the name I wanted, hence The Chrystal Dawn was born.

Your support during this transition is so very much appreciated. Not only am I changing over my name I am also setting off on an adventure to know myself more, and share more with you about whats working for myself and others on a personal growth level, with surfing, yoga and sustainable travel. I will besharing more about how I live on a daily basis, including yoga for surfers sequences, healthy recipes, interviews with women who inspire me, tips on all things surf and launching my bespoke yoga/surf/create experiences around the world :)

In the mean time follow me on the links below for more salty goodness.

Instagram: @thechrystaldawn




*top photo by Grace Picot of me In Sri Lanka wearing Abysse
** Logo designed for me by Scarver Designs