Sadhana to Surf


Although it sounds like the name of a far away city, secret surf spot or new car, Sadhana translates to Spiritual Practice and is predicated on self discipline.

Self discipline sounds like work! Eeek! I know, who wants more work right? And Spiritual, whats that all about? Does this mean religion??

Sadhana refers neither to a specif religion, nor the negative connotation of the word discipline.

So what is Sadhana?

To me Sadhana is the regular spiritual practice that helps clear the mind to know ones self better. Sadhana is the practice though which we can begin to restore the balance of our own cycles, returning to the rhythm of the universe and God's love.. which is totally amazing.

and what's an example of a sadhana?

  • A particular sequence of asana (yoga postures)
  • meditation or visualizations
  • pranayama or breath control
  • a daily walk, run, swim
  • time alone in nature
  • reading inspirational texts
  • a mantra or prayer
  • Any practice that aids in restoring your connection to yourself


What am I practicing?

My morning practice consists of the following....

  • To begin my days I start with gratitude and affirmations
  • 10 mins Sun Salutations (aka Surya Namaskara ) 
  • 10 mins of standing and sitting postures that prepare me for surfing
  • 15 mins savasana and meditation
  • Surfing
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Where do I practice?

Ideally outdoors, I love going for a walk in nature and setting up my mat as near to the sea or body of water as I can get. My morning practice does happen indoors too, and is weather dependent. For me the most important part of any practice is feeling grounded and safe. It helps to light a candle and say a prayer, and set an intention in the space before starting. Being close to the surf always helps too, aside from the joy of surfing afterwards, the sound of the ocean, and the negative ions are nourishing.


Set yourself a goal, and be clear with your intentions. The ridding of our old habits is the most challenging part of practice, this can take time so be gentle with yourself. Decide that your health and well-being are paramount and stick to your decision. I find this is much easier to do, with the aid of affirmations and gratitude. Louise L Hay is the queen of affirmations for healing and life changing do check out her site for great examples.

Where to start....

  • Sun Salutations is a fantastic way to bring in the day, clear the mind and build strength though flexibility.
  • Get outdoors, go for a walk take time out in nature.
  • prayer, mediation and visualizations
  • love yourself
  • Get salty! Swim, surf, and play in the sea

As Guruji, said,  'Practice, practice all is coming!'.

All photos and surfboard by Joel Fitzgerald

Location Byron Bay

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