Storm Swell

We gathered together on the cliffs, a community of surf loving frothers mesmerized by the beauty of Mother Ocean and awed by her majesty.  The massive surf on Sunday June 4th,  accompanied the devastating storm that wreaked havoc on the coast for two days before. 

It's that time of year again...and winter has arrived with a wild roar.  A huge storm hit Australia's East coast the first weekend of June,  and with it came the largest surf of the year.  A 'severe weather warning' was issued for much of eastern New South Wales. Roads were closed, there were power outages and people evacuated, sadly some even lost their homes, animals and farms. Waves the size of three story buildings reclaimed sand-dunes and beach front mansions. The coast was under siege, and surf un-rideable during the eye of the storm.  For those fortunate enough to be unaffected by the terrestrial devastation, the storm surf was an enthralling spectacle. 

That Sunday after the storm, we were spellbound by it. Our crowd of salty folk grew on the points, cheers and gasps went up in-sync with epic rides and radical wipe-outs the wave riders took.  Mother Ocean never ceases to amaze me with her beauty and awe inspiring power. The collective energy soared as our most skilled watermen paddled into waves and gracefully glided on the open walls.  Few from the many that tried actually made it out into the lineup. The others were swept back down the point to the shore with the strong currents and deadly rips.

In truth navigating the shoreline with rolling rocks, and mountains of white wash was a brave feat in its self.  The injection of negative ions saturating the salty mist,  with the performances of the chosen few, and the epic beauty of the storm created the most thrilling experience a spectator could have.

If you were a part of these moments of voyeuristic joy you know what it was like, for those who were not here are a few photos to enjoy. Surfers are Joel Fitzgerald, David Rastovich, and Ari. All photos are by me xx