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Our abundant Universe brings us together with other like minded souls in the most unexpected and wonderful ways. How we encounter one another and what we share in these moments be it brief or long can have profound effects on us as humans being.

Alexia Passedroit entrepreneur and founder of 'Shining Humans'  and I met though one of my dear friends Emilie Series whilst they were on a weekend away a couple of years ago. Our encounter was brief, yet filled with magical moments, including the sharing oflaughter, space, birthday celebrations and wave sliding with dolphins. It was one of thoes special moments where just being in the presence of one another was enough, no wanting for more, nor planning for later.

Two years later, Alexia has followed her dream to share her love for living a life of purpose, or 'feeling the fear and doing it anyway' as author Susan Jeffers so awesomely put's it. It is with the sincerest of gratitude and stoke that I am happy to share in Alexia's dream and be featured as a 'Shiner' on her site. Her thoughtful interview with me delves into my most recent trip to India,  experiences with the Shaka Surf Club, thoughts on Sisterhood, and more. To read full interview please click here.

Thank you kindly for the opportunity to share Shining Humans! Aloha! xx

*photo by Ming Nomchong

*photo by Ming Nomchong

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