Scarver Designs New Logo


A personal symbol to represent my over all mission and dream has been on my heart for over a year. Attracting the right artist to work with was a process I entrusted to my heart and divine intervention. As the universe would have it the perfect fit was revealed on Instagram one afternoon. 


Trawling though Instagram I came across my friend Emma Callers post with her Naturopathy business logo made by @scarverdesign  I clicked through to have a look, loved what I saw straight away, and sent Scarver an email that day.

Stephanie Carver founder of Scarver Designs and I began working together on my logo shortly after. In her own words Carver is 'A scribbler. A traveler.... she passionately travels the world for inspiration and life experiences, illustrating and designing along her journey.' With an array of clientele she turns ideas into reality.

My story into a logo

If you have been following me and my blog for a while you may already know my story... I grew up on the island of Hawaii, my home was along the slopes of Mauna Loa in the Ka'u desert overlooking Kalae' point.  2,500 miles from any other land mass, our wind blown cliffs drop 200feet into the pacific ocean, where LΓΆ'ihi the newest island in the Hawaiian chain is growing underwater. My roots are planted deeply in this sacred place, and my understanding of the world predicated on this wilderness.  I envisioned a symbol that married my adventurous surfing lifestyle,  passion for travel, and natural health/yoga with my love for this Aina or land.

Stephanie's design elegantly combines the elements I envisioned with ease. Her ability to translate visions into art is sensational.  Stephanie was able to join the ocean into the mountains and completed the design using a circle, which represents the yoga or union of all life.

What now?

My vision has always been to help creatively connect people through surfing, sustainable living, and health. In the coming months I will be rolling out some new and exciting concepts that are being born. My logo will be the universal thread which links all my dreams together, when you see it I hope this core value for earth and people care come to mind.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Thank you Stephanie for your incredible patience, generosity and bringing my dream symbol to life. If you are looking for someone to create a symbol, logo, illustration or design for your business, wedding or book I highly recommend Scarver Designs.