Travel the World for Less

Travel is the new black. Lets face it we all want to travel, and our desire grows every day with social media stoking the froth. Whether your dream is to escape the daily grind in the tropics, fall madly in love whilst on holiday, or buy a motorbike to cruise though Asia, we all have imagined and secretly live for that amazing dream adventure.

My travel list is enormous, I have no idea how Ill get to these places in my lifetime, let alone afford the flights, eek! I have established that the two biggest challenges with travel are- time and money.  We can always carve out time, that is a choice and commitment all dreams require. Once you commit to creating the time for your adventures, the next hurdle is how can I travel for less?

Cheap Flights

To help make your travel dreams a reality,  I have teamed up with Jack of All Fares to give you a super travel for less opportunity.  JOAF find you the best flight deals every week, to amazing global locations with round trip fares for less then $449 USD.

How it Works

Easy peasy, just subscribe to the JOAF and you will be receive messages with deals from them a few times per week. For the price of a cup of coffee each month, you can save over $300 per flight booked, which is pretty amazing.

By sending deals to your inbox, you know where to find the cheapest international flights and don't have to look all day to find them, which can be a massive time waster. The deals last a few days, and the subscription service enables you to book 2-8 months in advance of your ideal vacation, providing you the flexibility to decide when to go on your adventure.

Even cheaper for you till Dec.18th

Jack of All Fares have given all my readers a special discount code to use, this code gives you 20% off the annual subscription which is normally $42 becomes just $33.60 a year or $2.80 per month :)

Be quick, this opportunity will end on Dec.18th.  Code to use is: "DawnAdventures"

What Next?

Subscribe using my code DawnAdventures, wait for the thank you letter which comes the same day and start receiving your amazing deals!  If you have friends or family you want to travel with share the code with them or make it a Chrissy gift and subscribe on their behalf. Everyone loves happy surprises!

Comment below if you have any questions and let me know where you decide to go on your amazingly cheap flights :)


*photos of Chrystal are by Ming Nomchong