Aussie Bodies Kombi Road Trip

From the Sunshine Coast to Sydney and all the best surfing beaches in-between, Aussies Bodies are road tripping south with their sweet Volkswagen Kombi. On there way though Byron Bay, we teamed up for a Surfing and Yoga event at Wategos Beach just below the infamous lighthouse at Cape Byron Reserve.

This free event took place on Tuesday Oct.25th, and the sky was as blue as the sea clear, setting a soothing scene.  Everyone gathered under the shade of the ironwood trees for a gentle Yoga for surfers session. Syncing our ujjayi breath with the sound of the ocean we moved slowly and with intention marrying breath with movement.

Letting go we eased our way though sun salutations, and postures for peace into shavasana. Earth, sky and sea breezes warming our hearts we closed our practice with a prayer of gratitude and surrender.  Post practice we enjoyed a leisurely morning together, checked out the Kombi, snacked on Aussie Bodies bars, then surfed till our salty souls were content.

Mahalo Nui, thank you kindly to all of you who came out for this event. Your support is so very much appreciated. If you are in Sydney keep an eye out for the Aussie Bodies Kombi, and check their facebook page for up coming events.


To get even more of a vibe from the days activities check out this short instagram video I put together. Video by Melissa Connell and myself, music by Carus Thompson.



Location Watagos Beach Byron Bay Australia

Photos by Melissa Connell and Chrystal Dawn

Chrystal wears Salt Gypsy Leggings, TOMS Sunnies , Wahine on Waves Hat

Kombi by Aussie Bodies